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Fundraising Information

Download our Fundraising Toolkit to learn more about the following.

Returning or transferring funds to TUHF

When you have completed your fundraising event, where do you send the funds? Our Fundraising Toolkit will explain all. You can download our toolkit below.

Project Plan and Budget Template

Planning your fundraising event can be a simple process using our Fundraising Toolkit. Within, you will see how to simply plan and budget for your fundraising event. Download the toolkit below.

Health & Safety Guideline

Our guidelines help make it easy for you to know best practice for health & safety within your event. You'll find information within our Fundraising Toolkit which you can download below.

Sponsorship Cards

Want to use sponsorship cards for your event? No worries, guidelines for these are contained along with everything else you need in our fundraising toolkit. You'll find a link to download the toolkit below.