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Ambr glasses are for anyone who spends a large amount of time using screens for work or leisure. We've got multiple devices these days so it's inevitable that prolonged screen use is becoming an issue to eye health. These glasses are perfect for designers, journalists, accountants, students or even people who are fond of a Netflix binge watch!

Yes! You can choose the "Add Prescription" option. You will then have a choice of uploading a picture of your prescription, or entering manually using the dropdown menus provided.

All the information on our prescription offering can be found below under the "Prescription" heading.

Yes! Ambr glasses work great with contact lenses and provide extra protection from the blue light on your screen. The glasses should help against your contact lenses becoming dry and uncomfortable.

Firstly, we've seen competitors charge far high prices for far inferior products. We believe in fair margins so that keeps our costs down.

Secondly, our glasses offer triple protection. Blue light filters that are integrated inside the lens will reflect and absorb over 55% of harmful blue light wavelengths, fighting the symptoms of digital eyestrain. We provide a premium anti-reflective coating too, which most opticians charge for approximately €40-50 extra! The AR coating stops distracting light being reflecting in the lens, improving vision acuity. Our glasses are also scratch & smudge resistance to protect against little bumps and bruises.

Thirdly, our glasses use the latest technology to ensure that the tint is very, very minimal - to the point of almost unnoticeable. This means that they look super stylish and don't effect your perception of colours - perfect for designers. We feel Ambr glasses strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal, clarity and blue light protection.

Some competitors offer computer glasses that have deep yellow/orange tints. As stated above, the tint in Ambr glasses is so minimal that it is unnoticeable. You may only notice it when you stare at a cloudy sky on a bright day, or place the glasses' lens over a sheet of white paper. For people who need optimum colour perception on their screens, these glasses are perfect. Besides, who wants to be wearing glasses that look like something from the Star Trek Enterprise. 

Our glasses block over 55% of blue light, which is enough to relieve the symptoms of digital eye strain that are affecting us. This ratio of blue light blocking allows our lenses to be clear and stylish, while still offering strong protection.

Yes! Ambr Eyewear lenses block about 90% of UV rays too, meaning they provide you with protection from nature, as well as screens!

Every pair of our glasses comes with a protective hard case and microfibre cloth. Regular cleaning and always keeping them in the case will ensure a long-lasting pair of glasses. Top tip, don't wear them on top of your head, this will stretch out the legs and make them loose!

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Yes, all our glasses are unisex and are designed to fit 99% of head sizes. If they don't fit for some reason, we're more than happy to provide returns.

We've tried our Ambr glasses with most brands of over-ear headphones, and it has always been perfectly comfortable. The glasses legs are not too thick and sit behind most ears very comfortable. Your headphones should be absolutely fine to use.