December 15, 2023 2 min read

Friday, December 15th: Today, in a heartwarming display of Christmas spirit, the Captains of Edmondstown Golf Club, Bernie Beirne and Pat Conway visited Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) to donate a remarkable €27,427 to support the Renal Unit’s MotoMed Layson Leg Trainer programme.

 This programme, run by the Hospital’s physiotherapists, provides crucial support to dialysis patients navigating the challenges of regular hospital commutes and limited exercise opportunities. 

Captain Bernie Beirne stated, “Tallaght University Hospital Foundation and the Renal Unit resonated deeply with me. My husband Sean required dialysis before his first transplant in 1995 and again before his second transplant in 2010. Sean continues to receive exceptional care under the TUH Renal team”, she continued.

Expressing gratitude for their remarkable generosity, Professor George Mellotte, Consultant Nephrologist in TUH & HSE National Clinical lead for Renal Services said "Our patients attend for dialysis three times a week for up to four hours at a time, some have attended for over 1,000 sessions, finding the time and energy to exercise is an enormous challenge. To address this, the Hospital introduced Ireland's first-ever exercise programme for dialysis patients in 2021. This innovative initiative, primarily using the MotoMed Layson Leg Trainer, has already made a significant impact.

He continued, "This monumental donation will resonate throughout the lives of dialysis patients, not only elevating their quality of life but also propelling some toward the hope of kidney transplantation."

Douglas Collins, CEO of Tallaght University Hospital Foundation echoed this sentiment, “While the Unit currently operates with two of these life-changing machines, the funds raised by the Edmondstown Golf Club will enable the addition of two more to the programme.

“Thanks to Edmondstown Golf Club 's dedication to our Renal patients, the Hospital can now buy a further two Moto Med Layson Leg Trainers.  Each trainer, priced at €12,500, carries a tangible impact on improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. Thank you!”


Renal Services at TUH : TUH is the second largest centre in the country for Haemodialysis management. The Varty Unit provides a patient centred environment with larger capacity, a Home Therapies Unit and a self-care Haemodialysis Unit. The 2,700m2 Unit built over two floors has 28 Haemodialysis Treatment Bays, six single haemodialysis rooms for immunocompromised / acutely ill patients, four home dialysis training (Peritoneal & Haemodialysis) rooms and for the first time in Ireland, four self-care haemodialysis bays. 


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