November 27, 2019 2 min read

If you find yourself in the Atrium at Tallaght University Hospital over the next three weeks, say hello to the Easter Chicks – much-loved supporters of the Hospital who sell their handmade crafts every Easter and Christmas to raise funds for the TUH.

The Easter Chicks (including Kay, Joan and Ann, photographed) will be in the Atrium until December 13th selling their beautiful knit craft with all proceeds going towards Age-Related Healthcare and the Stroke Unit. Toys/tea cosies start at €5 and Knitwear starts at €10. If you're in the Hospital before December 13th, please call down to say hello and support them if you can. 

All funds raised will go to funding a Novapres finnometer machine. This  piece of equipment is used in the falls assessment clinic and is invaluable to patients attending the clinic. The machine is used to test blood pressure to see when a person changes position what their blood pressure does. This machine texts for a condition called “orthostatic hypotension”.

Orthostatic hypotension is when your blood pressure drops temporarily, when you change positions for example getting up out of bed, getting up from a chair, bending up and down doing the garden/taking items from washing machine, leaning up putting washing on a line. It can also be if you’re standing for long period in one position.

This drop in blood pressure can make a person feel:  Dizzy, light headed, headache, blurred vision, unsteady, weakness, falls , Syncope (a loss of consciousness/ blackout). 

This machine can detect this drop in blood pressure unlike a normal blood pressure machine as the techonology shows your blood pressure  beat to beat. Sometimes a drop can happene so quick that a normal machine would not detect it.  The patient receives the results straight away after the text and the nurse who does the test will always go through the results and educate on ways we can treat the condition.  This test can help patients prevent falls and lower the symptoms mentioned above. Patients don’t have to wait weeks to get results and leave the clinic with information treatment for this condition.

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