October 26, 2023 3 min read

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, innovation remains the key to enhancing patient care and shaping a healthier future.  Tallaght University Hospital Foundation is thrilled to announce the winners of the Ignite for Impact Awards 2023, shining a spotlight on projects that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in TUH. These projects have been carefully selected not only for their potential to improve patient care but also for their alignment with our commitment to innovation.

Ignite Award: (€40,000)

  • Phagenyx - Rapid Swallow Recovery:  Sarah Rowland, Clinical Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, presented an exciting project that has the potential to revolutionise dysphagia care. The evidence-based treatment not only addresses a critical healthcare need but promises significant improvements in patient outcomes and cost savings. As recognition of this groundbreaking work, TUHF has awarded the team a grant of €40,000 to roll out this project.

Radiant Awards:  (€10,000)

  • ICU Patient Care Through Virtual Reality (VR):  Nina Holden, Physiotherapist, introduced an innovative approach to ICU patient care utilising virtual reality. By providing cognitive stimulation, distraction, and active rehabilitation, this project aims to enhance patient well-being, reduce ICU-acquired weaknesses, and minimise post-ICU symptoms. TUHF recognises its significance and has awarded it a grant of €10,000.
  • Radiant Award:  Digital Sedation in Interventional Radiology Michael Brassil's visionary project proposes the use of VR headsets for digital sedation in Interventional Radiology. This innovative approach enhances the patient experience, reduces the need for medication, and expedites hospital discharge, positioning TUH as a pioneer in adopting digital sedation in Ireland. The project will receive a grant of €10,000.

Innovate Awards (€3,000-5,000)

  • Optimising Patient Care and Efficiency Marian Brosnan, from the Occupational Therapy department, has presented a project that emphasises practicality in improving patient care and efficiency. The Hand Therapy Dept Workshop Space redesign will lead to faster patient care and has been awarded a grant of €4,500.
  • Enhancing the Experience for Older Adults: Louise Kelly's project for the Age-Related Assessment Unit focuses on creating a Dementia-Friendly Waiting Area, providing comfort, stimulation, and opportunities for reminiscence therapy. TUHF is investing €4,500 in this project to improve the patient experience.
  • Endometriosis Patient Education Through Animated Videos: Rebecca McEvoy, from the Gynaecology department, proposed a project aimed at creating animated educational videos for endometriosis patients. This innovative initiative simplifies complex medical information, raising awareness about endometriosis and positioning TUH as a leader in the field. The project has been awarded a grant of €3,000.

These projects showcase a dedication to TUH and a passion for positively impacting patients' lives. In the coming months, we will look forward to sharing more detailed stories about each project and the teams behind them. In the meantime, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the teams and their unwavering commitment to improving patient care.

TUHF also want to thank our generous donors, who continue to back our efforts to support our staff and a range of projects throughout the hospital. Thanks to their generosity, we have funded new equipment to help in operating theatres and clinics, delivered new ways of examining and monitoring medical conditions, upgraded and renovated rooms and wards within the hospital and supported miscellaneous staff projects to enhance patient services. We want to acknowledge their commitment to our hospital as we celebrate the achievements of those awarded today. Should you or anyone you know wish to get involved in supporting the efforts of our Foundation, please do get in touch.

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