February 13, 2024 3 min read

Collaboration with Bartra Healthcare Paves the Way for Healthy Ageing in Clondalkin

Today February 13, Tallaght University Hospital Foundation (TUHF) announced a groundbreaking €7.6 million investment aimed at establishing the Tallaght University Hospital’s Ageing Well Centre in Clondalkin village. This announcement aligns with Tallaght University Hospital's (TUH) vision for improved services and infrastructure, extending beyond the confines of the Hospital walls and underscores TUHF's dedication to improving helping to make that happen.

 Recognising the increasing healthcare needs of our ageing population, the TUH Ageing Well Centre signifies its commitment to fostering a community-oriented, comprehensive healthcare ecosystem for older people, placing the focus on brain health, bone health, falls, and frailty.

 Douglas Collins, CEO of Tallaght University Hospital Foundation, said “TUHF is proud to support the ageing well centre. This substantial investment by TUHF aims to bring about positive and tangible benefits to the community, providing access to the right care, integrated services, specialist consultations, and support for individuals to live well in their own homes and communities. We want to acknowledge and thank Bartra Healthcare and our donors for their continued support for our vision.”

 Lucy Nugent, CEO of TUH, said: "Thanks to the partnership with TUHF and Bartra Healthcare, TUH will be able to provide a community-based centre where older people from Clondalkin will be able to access clinical and social care closer to their homes and families in a truly holistic environment. It is fully aligned with the objectives of the Hospitals five-year strategic plan and Sláintecare, with the convent having been identified as the ideal location due to its central position within Clondalkin. We are incredibly grateful to TUHF, Bartra Healthcare and their donors for this transformative investment.”

 Nugent continued, “A community-based ageing well centre will greatly help with early patient assessment, support hospital avoidance, and reduce the risk of patients presenting to the ED for crisis management. The aim is to shift from unplanned care approach to a person-centred, planned and coordinated approach.

 Prof. Sean Kennelly, Consultant Physician in Geriatric & Stroke Medicine, emphasised that, "This ambitious project is to develop a centre that equips people with everything they need to age well. The clinical care focus will be supporting people improve their brain and bone health, reduce the risk of falls, and help build physical resilience. The clinical expertise required to deliver the service will be based in a series of state-of-the-art gerontological care outpatient suites and an exercise/rehabilitation gym area under the governance of the TUH Department of Age-Related Health. It will be staffed by TUH employees, including doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, social workers, dieticians, and psychologists.”

 He continued, "The Centre will also have a social hub comprising a volunteer cafe and an activities hub for music, art, and social gatherings. Our focus will be on blending strategies that enhance living well with interventions to promote physical and mental health. The emphasis is to ensure that all an individual's care needs - physical, mental, cognitive, and social - can be met in a warm and welcoming environment under one roof, in the heart of their local community in Clondalkin."

 Angela Ring, CEO Bartra Healthcare – “Caring for and about people is at the heart of everything that we do in Bartra Healthcare. We are delighted to partner with Tallaght University Hospital Foundation in the delivery of ageing well facility which will positively impact the Clondalkin community, the patients of TUH, and their families.”

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